Big Data in Online Marketing

Big Data = Little People

Online Marketers, Social Media Masters, etc…You’re Doing It Wrong. This is a No-Holds-Barred look at why People and Quality matter more than Data and Quantity.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons and their Impact

Social Media Buttons and Icons – We see them all over the internet, including right here on the CSKnet site. We know we need them for SEO, but conversions?


Disco with Google

Yesterday I posted about Facebook Acquiring Beluga to bolster to make use of their mobile group messaging technology. Mobile Group Messaging War Facebook is not the only contender in this space. Now that they’ve acquired one of their would-be competitors, they only have to deal with the applications like GroupMe, Groupflier, Celly, Fast Society and […]

Facebook Catches Beluga (Whale)

Facebook Recent Acquisition – Whale of a Catch for Marketers

You’ve created a social Group on Facebook for the SMM in your Online Marketing campaign; yet you see very little activity… Sound familiar? With smart phones all the rage of mobile and Facebook all the rage of social – brand interaction can happen at any time. Except within Facebook Groups; the technology hasn’t been integrated. […]

Facebook - Social Media for SEO

Are you a “Fan” of Facebook Privacy?

We all know that most folks are a bit up in arms about Facebook’s Privacy issues… But, did you know that you can actually be a “Fan” of Facebook’s privacy? Crazy, but true. On the Facebook blog, they announced that they’ve actually created a Facebook Privacy Fan Page, where you can “Like” it… Check it […]

Google SEO as Facebook SMO

Google is on Facebook!

Wait a minute…Did this big corporate giant just sign up as a player within their competitor’s (of a certain niche) field? Yes they did. Google finally has a Facebook page. Check it out!