How To Subscribe to any RSS Feed via Email

RSS to Email

RSS to Email


You really love your favorite RSS Reader / Feed Reader / Aggregator / etc., but it’s starting to get hairy; you’ve subscribed to so many of them that simply checking in with your reader seems to daunting a task these days.

Or perhaps you don’t use a feed reader; you prefer to sign up for Email newsletters instead. And you’re coming across cool websites that you’d like to subscribe to, but only see links for RSS.

Sound familiar? I know it does for me. Personally, I use Google Reader as my preferred online RSS Feed Reader, but I also find myself commonly in both scenarios mentioned above.


Is there one? Yes indeed.

If you don’t have a feed aggregator, but are interested in learning more about them, check out this super-cool & super-detailed Compariosn of Feed Aggregators, by Wikipedia.

But if you’d simply like to Subscribe to a RSS Feed via Email, what to do? Some feeds are burned and hosted by Google’s FeedBurner, and sometimes there’s a link therein that allows you to do so. And often, there’s not.

The solution is simple – use a RSS-to-Email service. There use to be several out there, and there may still be, but the ones I use to use all dried up, except one.

Enter FeedBlitz. Although their landing page has a major Premium Call to Action, and the site appears a bit antiquated, their subscription service works astoundingly well. All you do is click on the link below (don’t forget to Bookmark it or Add to Favorites), enter the address (URL) of the RSS Feed, enter your email address and you’re done!

Give it a shot!
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